SP4 - Market and business models for Energy Transition


The mission of SP4 is to guide the development of sound and fair markets for energy vectors, flexibility and emissions thereby driving the system forward with an optimal and affordable integration of RES technologies in the energy mix and consumption patterns.  

 Area of intervention SP 4 works on:

  • The combination of regulation, market design and business models that facilitate RES exploitation in combination with flexibility solutions in energy demand. With special focus on creating and exploiting possibilities for the SMEs in energy supply and service industries;
  • How sustainability can be included in the regulation and operation of the energy markets and market designs allowing for symbiosis between sectors such as power-2-x and x-2-power but also to the other axis of the sustainability triangle between energy and environment and between energy and social acceptance;
  • What new competences that are needed for understanding and facilitating a sound European supply chain for new clean energy technologies across different sectors including the LCA perspectives of input factors such as rare and energy intensive materials;
  • Interaction between the operation of the energy system, supply chains and the short-term impact this may have on basic resources as water and land;.
  • How the market solutions drive the innovation that leads to exploitation and development of new technologies that drives down the cost of generating and using different energy carriers;
  • The analysis of supporting factors regarding the adoption and investment of citizens/consumers in RES technologies by integrating behavioural, social and cultural dimension;
  • Econometric analysis of the decision drivers of consumers’ to partake in the RES market.


  • Priority one is to contribute with proposals for design and regulation of fair and inclusive energy markets pointing to benefits and challenges of such markets; 
  • Create a consumer model for use in techno-economic analysis;
  • Contribute to sound and efficient supply chain for renewable technologies and their societal role;
  • Contribute with proposals of how to include sustainability in the energy markets and their operation.
SP 4 main references

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Michael Belsnes SP 4 Coordinator